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Are you familiar with our product and our mission?


Did you know - there are over 4000 tons of sugar put into Australian families each year through Icy treats alone - and that 1 out of 4 kids in Australia are overweight or obese? We thought this was way too much and wanted to make a difference so we created Sugar Free-zies - Australia's first Sugar free icy sticks without any artificial nasties!! (No Preservatives, No Artificial colours, flavours, anything!!)


We are on a crusade to get rid of 500 tons of sugar a year from Australian families and would love your help.


We are looking to support schools across Australia by donating Sugar Freezies. We are looking for particular family events that have lots of parents attending so that they can see and experience our amazing icys too! Educating parents is just as important as children and we want parents to know that there is another easy healthier swap out product available for their family.


Together as a community we can reach our goal of removing 500 tons of sugar!


We are happy for you to either use the icys as a FREE treat or to use

them as fundraising (we suggest $1 per stick).


In order to help our sugar-free crusade we ask for your support:


     Displaying an A3 education poster (we will supply) at the site that you will be handing out the icys so it gets in front of parents. They cant make better choices if they don't know about us and our mission!


     Pictures! We would love some content for our socials etc.. we understand issues around photographing children but perhaps some icys in hands or a picture of the icys at the school? If you could upload this from your or any other parents social media account with the tag @sugar_free_zies    #sugarfreezies


     School Newsletter. We can do an education write up about sugar effects and preservatives, you could post some pics of kids enjoying the sugar freezies at your event, you could add our logo to your supporters page. The ideas are endless really!



To register for a donation of Sugar Freezies for your schools family event, please take the time to fill out the information below.

Select which support options you will participate in