Join us in our vision for a healthier Australia.

We are on a crusade to remove 500 tons of sugar from Australians without removing the fun or yum.

For every ton we remove we will donate $100 to support schools and sporting clubs to further the health message in Australia.

Did you know?

Aussie's consume over 4000 tons of sugar each year through Icy treats alone.

1 in 4 Aussie kids are either obese or overweight

A key issue is education about food choices - there are some fantastic organisations doing amazing things for the community but they are lacking funding and resources. 

If you are an organisation that focuses on helping educate Australians on healthier food choices please contact us with some information about your cause and how you specifically help educate Australians.

So how are we doing so far this year?

We work with 4 charities each year and will donate $100 from each ton of sugar we remove across all charities.

Please contact us for more details! We look forward to reducing 500 tons of sugar per year together!

Sugar FREE-zies and our Cereal ranges are our first step towards this!