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We understand it’s been a super hard year for kids and schools so we want to make a difference by giving free icy stix to schools to turbocharge your fundraising efforts.

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We understand how hard it's been so we've made it as simple as 1,2,3!

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Host your event on the 26th November.  We will provide you with all the help you need to make it easy.

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Stock is limited so get in fast.  Orders close on October 28th or until all 1 million Icy Stix have been allocated.

What we ask of you  •  Sugar FREE-zies Day FAQs

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The No Nasties Project Sugar FREE-zies Icy Stix Day Case
The No Nasties Project Sugar FREE-zies Icy Stix Day Case
The No Nasties Project Sugar FREE-zies Icy Stix Day Case

The No Nasties Project Sugar FREE-zies Icy Stix Day Case

Only Sugar Free-zies Icy Poles have zero sugar and no preservatives. They taste great so they get the tick of approval from your little ones. Bring home a flavour everyone will love: colossal cola, lightning lemonade, lively lemon lime, tropo tropical, rockin' raspberry. Just add healthier fun with:

  • Zero sugar
  • No Preservatives
  • No Artificial Colours
  • No Artificial Flavours

We don't have 202 - Potassium Sorbate 223 - Sodium Metabisulfite 211 - Sodium Benzoate E466 - Carboxymethel Cellulose, Artificial colours 133, 102, 110, 129, 150d.

The No Nasties Project is on a crusade to remove 500 tons of sugar from Australian Families diets each year. Join us for a healthier Australia.

We will donate enough Icy Stix for your school or club (1 per person) so you can raise funds for a cause of your choice.

Would you like any additional cases?

To maximise your fundraising efforts we are giving you the opportunity to purchase additional stock at low prices. Let us know if you're interested and we'll send more information to you.

The No Nasties Project is working with Australia Post with the following delivery rates providing the best guide. Should you have any queries on this please email schoolsandclubs@thenonastiesproject.com.au.

Parcel Post
Number of Parcels 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Number of Icy Stix 150 300 450 600 750 900 1050 1200 1350 1500
VIC Melbourne $7.42 $11.02 $16.94 $20.54 $26.46 $30.06 $35.98 $39.58 $45.50 $49.10
Fundraising Profit $142.58 $288.98 $433.06 $579.46 $723.54 $869.94 $1,014.02 $1,160.42 $1,304.50 $1,450.90
VIC Metro $10.94 $16.94 $26.38 $32.38 $41.82 $47.82 $57.26 $63.26 $72.70 $78.70
Fundraising Profit $139.06 $283.06 $423.62 $567.62 $708.18 $852.18 $992.74 $1,136.74 $1,277.30 $1,421.30
VIC Regional $16.46 $30.76 $45.72 $60.02 $74.98 $89.28 $104.24 $118.54 $133.50 $147.80
Fundraising Profit $133.54 $269.24 $404.28 $539.98 $675.02 $810.72 $945.76 $1,081.46 $1,216.50 $1,352.20
ACT, NSW, NT, QLD, SA, TAS, WA Capital Cities $12.45 $22.35 $33.30 $43.20 $54.15 $64.05 $75.00 $84.90 $95.85 $105.75
Fundraising Profit $137.55 $277.65 $416.70 $556.80 $695.85 $835.95 $975.00 $1,115.10 $1,254.15 $1,394.25
Metro Areas $14.07 $26.17 $38.74 $50.84 $63.41 $75.51 $88.08 $100.18 $112.75 $124.85
Fundraising Profit $135.93 $273.83 $411.26 $549.16 $686.59 $824.49 $961.92 $1,099.82 $1,237.25 $1,375.15
Regional Areas $21.43 $43.03 $62.96 $84.56 $104.49 $126.09 $146.02 $167.62 $187.55 $209.15
Fundraising Profit $128.57 $256.97 $387.04 $515.44 $645.51 $773.91 $903.98 $1,032.38 $1,162.45 $1,290.85

Terms & Conditions:

Sugar FREE-zies day is all about making a difference this summer. We want this event to be successful, for both your school and our business. Please agree to the terms and conditions.

PR and school exposure:

Do you have a newsworthy fundraising story ? We would love to hear your school or club fundraising stories. Click here if you would like us to get in touch so we can help amplify your cause.


Stock will be delivered between the 1st November - 20th November 2021. Deliveries will be made Monday - Friday by Australia Post within normal business hours (excluding public holidays). We ask that you cover the cost of shipping for each case. Refer to our FAQs to calculate your fundraising profit versus delivery fee.

We will ask you to commit to payment for shipping at the next step.

We are helping YOU fundraise for your school or youth club  - what you raise is for the school or club - we don't want to be involved with the monies. We believe in prioritising the health, social, educational and recreational needs of Australian children and this is top of our agenda this summer. Sugar FREE-zies Icy Stix Day is a day where everyone is a champion and where fun, laughs and spectacular times are the order of the day. 


To maximise your fundraising efforts we are giving you the opportunity to purchase additional stock at low prices to bolster your fundraising efforts.

What we ask of you?

- Send digital information leaflets to your parents outlining Sugar Free-zies day, your fundraising target and a brief introduction to Sugar FREE-zies products.

- Host your Sugar FREE-zies Icy Stix Day on the 26th November 2021.

- Cover the cost of the transport of the stock - standard Australian post rates apply.

- Confirm the results of your fundraising efforts with us between the 6th - 8th December 2021

- Tag us in your social communication

-- Instagram @the_no_nasties_project 

-- Facebook: @TheNoNastiesProject

- Use our Hashtags for the event: #thenonastiesproject, #SugarfreeziesDay, #Lowersugartheylove, #project500

Once you order your Sugar FREE-zies and confirm your participation, we will support your school or Sports Club with everything you need to host your Sugar FREE-zies Icy Stix Day. Our digital support pack includes posters, leaflets for the children, information leaflets for parents, email and social assets for your communication channels so you can turbo-charge your fundraising efforts. 

This year, it’s all happening on Friday, 26th November 2021… Sugar Free-zies Day. We are donating 1 million All Natural, Sugar Free Icy Sticks to schools and sports clubs in Australia so you can host a fun filled day that's also not filling the kids with artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.  The goal of this campaign is to raise $1 million dollars for schools and youth sports around the country. All the proceeds you make from selling Sugar Free-zies you get to keep and use however you see fit. 

We understand that it's been a super hard year for kids and schools so we want to help you make a difference in the easiest of ways!

Hear from Demons Star Nathan Jones


Our team will be happy to assist you with any queries. Email us at schoolsandclubs@thenonastiesproject.com.au.