FAQs For Sugar Freezie’s Icy Stix Day

We are still working on the logistics for Sugar Free-zies Day scheduled to take place in November 2022.

Should you wish to host this on another day please pop us a note at schoolsandclubs@thenonastiesproject.com.au so we can help with the logistics. Our first preference is to host in November to celebrate the start of summer but understand that fundraising is the priority and will work with you where we can to make the day a success.

The No Nasties Project will donate enough Icy Stix for your entire school or club (1 per person).

Yes! In fact, The No Nasties Project will provide extra product on a special discount for the term 4 period reducing the wholesale pricing by 30% $39.95 to $26.95 for 1 carton (135 stix).

We are currently collating all our great schools and clubs interest as part of our event planning so thank you for your patience. We will be sending the order process via email to you as well as providing additional details that we require from you to make this happen.


2/75a Chapel Street
Windsor, VIC 3181

ABN: 45 626 068 488


The No Nasties Project can be tagged on the following channels:

- Instagram @the_no_nasties_project 

- Facebook: @TheNoNastiesProject

- Please use the following hashtags for the event #thenonastiesproject #SugarfreeziesDay #Lowersugartheylove 

You have the opportunity to purchase stock on-going either direct or via our distribution partners at wholesale prices to sell at the school or continue other ideas to bolster your fundraising efforts.

Our digital assets pack has all the materials you need, including a template with no date for schools and clubs who have moved their event date. You may access it through these Google Drive or Dropbox links.

Don't forget to tag us!

@the_no_nasties_project on Instagram

@TheNoNastiesProject on Facebook.

Please drop the No Nasties Project consumer services team a note at schoolsandclubs@thenonastiesproject.com.au.

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