The No Nasties Project and its sister company Naked Life Beverages was founded in 2016. We are proudly Australian owned and based out of Melbourne, Victoria. We are dedicated to giving families all over Australia their favourite treats - but without the sugar or anything artificial!​ Together we can make a difference. Join us on our crusade!

Yes most definitely, we also have Zero artificial sweeteners and no preservatives.  In fact – we have nothing artificial at all!! YAY!!!  

We use a blend of Natural Sweeteners each of which derives naturally from plants – we don’t use any artificial sweeteners, chemical Aspartame, or other chemical based sweeteners that have been linked to health issues!

We use a blend of Natural Sweeteners derived naturally from plants – what you see, is what you get! No, our Sugar Freezies do not contain fruit concentrates, only natural colours and natural flavours. Fruit concentrates generally have quite a lot of sugar in them.

Stevia comes from the leaves of the Stevia Plant which has been used for centuries to sweeten beverages across South America. It is made via water extraction of the leaves of the Stevia Plant which is then dried. This results in an extract that is 300 times sweeter than sugar – so you only need to use a tiny amount! It has no calories and no impact on blood sugar!

Erythritol naturally occurs across a number of fruits such as pears and melons, and despite it’s difficult name, it is a brilliant natural ingredient!  It has only 6% of the calories of sugar but 70% of the sweetness! The best thing is that it doesn't spike blood sugar at all! It is created through a natural fermentation process from corn, similar to the process that yoghurt goes through – eliminating all of the sugar!

Maltitol is another sugar alcohol that occurs naturally in plants and also comes from processing the sugars in corn. Just like Erythritol, it is fantastic because it doesn’t cause cavities or tooth decay unlike sugar! It is also lower in calories and used across a large number of sugar free products such as toothpaste, medicine and other things that need some sweetness but without the issues of sugar!

All of our flavours and colours are all natural. No dodgy chemical and 'Big E' numbers in our products!!

We use ingredients such as citric acid and maintain a super sterile environment to ensure that we can be free from those nasty preservatives such as sodium benzoate and others that you see across all the other products!

The No Nasties Project products are available at leading retailers including Woolworths, Coles, IGA and selected independent stores. Should you have any questions relating to availability drop us a note at hello@thenonastiesproject.com.au.

The No Nasties Sugar Free-zies range is 100% vegan. We have had some great feedback from the Vegan community, our Icy Stix products are 100% natural with all of our ingredients being plant derived.

In order to provide a product that is cost friendly to our customers we source a small portion of our ingredients from overseas, in saying this we’d like to reassure you that we’ve spent a lot of time and energy to ensure we have only selected the highest quality ingredients. We are always looking for ways to improve and sourcing 100% of our ingredients from Australia is a top priority for the business into the future. Some of the raw materials for our flavours come from overseas, however they are produced locally. We source the best flavours from around the world.

We proudly manufacture our products in Melbourne Australia. The facility that we produce our Sugar Free-zies does manufacture products that contain traces of nuts. In saying this, the equipment used to manufacture our Sugar Free-zies is separate from the products that contain nuts.  There is an unlikely chance of cross contamination however nuts are found within the environment.

Our Avengers Choc Bombs,Frozen Rice Pops and Sugar Freezies are 100% suitable for Vegetarians.  Our Spider Man Fruity Loops currently contain Carmine which means they do not fall into the category of Vegetarian. The carmine is purely used for the colouring of the red fruity loops and we are seeking alternative plant based options to replace this.

Our Icy Stix are designed to be frozen from ambient. They are okay if defrosted and then refrozen once.