Australia’s 1st 3.5 Health Star Rated Indulgent Choc Chip Cookies

Australia’s 1st 3.5 Health Star Rated Indulgent Choc Chip Cookies

Innovative Aussie brand, The No Nasties Project, has continued it better-for-you expansion into the mainstream treats aisle, launching it’s BETTER COOKIES range,  Australia’s first 3.5 Health Star rated indulgent cookies, free of artificial colours and flavourings and 80% less sugar (then leading market brands). 

The Melbourne-based brand has always challenged the mainstream snack space with Better-For-you options, with it’s highly successful Sugar FREE-zies Icy Stix range and lower sugar cereals and hazelnut spreads. 

This latest offering from the family-centric brand sees the business ensure that both parents and kids have the opportunity to enjoy their favourite snacks in a more health conscious fashion.

“Our BETTER Cookies want to shake up the proverbial cookie jar, allowing people to enjoy their cookie moments guilt free” says CEO and Founder David Andrew.

The new range, perfect for homely snacks, workplace stockpiles or even back to school lunchboxes are available exclusively at Woolworths in three flavours.

“Sometimes foods like cookies can be a part of an overall healthy and balanced diet. BETTER Cookies allows you to enjoy a delicious cookie with only one fifth of the sugar of a regular cookie!” according to Nutritionist Ashleigh Feltham from Feed Your Future Dietetics.

A recent report states that 2 out of 3 Australians (67%) are overweight or obese, meaning that The No Nasties Project BETTER cookies as a significantly healthier option, have arrived at a most opportune time.

“We are proud to be offering Australians an ever-increasing range of healthier alternatives to their important daily moments and rituals. Being health conscious shouldn’t be about missing out.” says Andrew.

The No Nasties Project BETTER Cookies are available nationally across Woolworths from Late-February and mark the fifth range expansion from the brand within recent months.