The No Nasties Project partners with Australian schools to raise $592,000 in 24 hours

The No Nasties Project partners with Australian schools to raise $592,000 in 24 hours

On November 26th 2021, The No Nasties Project held its inaugural Sugar Freezies Ice Stix Day, partnering over 1100 schools and sporting clubs around the country participating and enabling over $592,000 to be raised for schools, teachers and communities. 

The campaign which saw the Aussie made and owned better-for-you food brand provide the largest icy-pole led donation in Australia’s history, provided these communities with an event and opportunity to raise much needed funds.

“Schools and sporting clubs are the backbones of support for most communities and we were incredibly humbled to be able to work with so many incredible organisations”  says Founder and CEO David Andrew.

“We are exceptionally proud of the event’s success and are pleased to be able to provide any impact we can for these important communities and the amazing kids of Australia ” continues Andrew. 

Almost 600,000 Sugar FREE-zies Icy Stix, currently available at both Woolworths and Coles nationally, were donated to schools and clubs to assist in fundraising efforts. 

Schools and organisations were then able to run fundraising events in aid of activities including upgrades to playgrounds; sports equipment, classroom resources and teaching aides, graduation celebrations, school gardens and to supporting disadvantaged members of their communities.  

Schools and clubs too, have praised the initiative. “We were super excited for Sugar Freezies Icy Stix Day [providing] a great and healthy way to cool off during the summer… All whilst raising money for new Nipper Boards” says Conor Walsh of Junior Activities Chairman Mooloolaba Surf Life Saving Club.

“It was a great opportunity for our student leaders to take charge of a fundraising initiative” says Lindisfarne North Primary School, “the group was thrilled to play its part raising money for student-led projects including our classroom composting program.”

"Sugar FREEZIEs day was a massive success for our school community” says  Patryk Allen of Newington Public School, NSW. “The kids loved the FREEZIEs, the parents loved that their children weren't consuming unnecessary sugar, and our school community loved that it raised over $750 that helped fund new laptops for classrooms that needed them. "

David (Andrew) founded the brand in 2018 with a focus on reducing sugar and preservative intake in Australian kids diets. The brand’s Project 500 sets an ongoing target to remove 500 tonnes of sugar from Australian diets through innovative, better-for-you products, donating and investing back to education driven causes.

“Since founding the business in 2018, we have removed over 380 tons of sugar from Australia's diets, that's the equivalent to the weight of 4 and a half Southern Right Whales” says Andrew, 

One of those causes, BEE Healthy and it’s founder is excited to have brands and founders like The No Nasties Project helping drive the important Health Education message.

"Sugar Freezies Icy Stix Day is another innovative campaign to engage young children about their healthier choices  and to provide a fundraising platform to raise money for their school and sports community.” Says BEE Healthy Founder, Adam Dunsford. 

“The more The No Nasties Project helps health educators like ourselves, the better the chance that kids can learn positive ways of managing their health and diets, which is an important and positive result for all of the community”.

David plans to keep the support flowing through more funding from the brand's growing portfolio. “We plan on giving more Australians the ability to make affordable better choices for their family’s health through great tasting, better for you options. The best way to do this is with great affordable products including our new sugar reduced range across cereals, cookies and spreads, all helping us fund our health education partners”. 

Building on the incredible results of the campaign, The No Nasties Project has already committed to Sugar Freezies Icy Stix Day 2022, with plans to break the $1mil mark and over 2000 schools across Australia.

Founder and CEO David Andrew is available for comment and interview by request - please email if of interest.