Largest ever icy pole donation in Australia’s history

Largest ever icy pole donation in Australia’s history

Innovative Melbourne brand, The No Nasties Project, launches largest ever icy pole donation in Australia’s history to raise $1 million for schools and sporting clubs.

Man holding Sugar FREE-zies Icy StixIn an effort to treat Aussie kids to some healthier fun this summer after a hard year for all, iconic Australian brand The No Nasties Project has announced the launch of its inaugural, national Sugar FREE-zies day on November 26th, providing the largest icy-pole led donation in Australia’s history. The Melbourne born brand, renowned for its delicious zero sugar Icy Stix, will be donating 1 million Sugar FREE-zies to Australian schools and youth sports clubs to help raise 1 million dollars in much needed funds.

The brand, which has sold over 35 million icy stix over the last few years, has simultaneously created over 35 million healthier moments without preservatives and zero sugar.

Supporting the brand in this campaign is an army of influencers and sporting stars all working towards a “healthier Australia” in addition to principals and community leaders.

"We are proud to be part of such a great initiative and look forward to contributing to this great cause by educating young people about food, our relationship with food and the benefits of a rich nutritious diet" says Adam Dunsford, Managing Director of BEE Healthy. “It is fantastic to see 'The No Nasties Project' introducing an innovative campaign to engage young children back into sport and their health and to provide a fundraising platform to raise money for sports equipment.”

Bags of Sugar FREE-ziesThe Sugar FREE-zies, currently available at both Woolworths and Coles nationally, are an Aussie family favourite. The No Nasties Project through this campaign, wants to help those parents, teachers and carers turbocharge youth oriented fundraising efforts this season. Fundraising enables schools to invest in facilities, after school programs and sports in turn helping Aussie children learn and develop new skills.

“I come from a family of five children and I remember how important it was to be given the opportunity to go on school excursions and participate in sports after school.” Says founder and CEO, David Andrew, “It fosters growth and adds to a richer learning experience and these types of experiences are enabled by fundraising, and we want to help facilitate that”.

The brand, which is dedicated to removing over 500 tons of sugar from Australian diets per year, will use this campaign to exceed their targets. Last year the brand removed over 180 tons of sugar, the equivalent to the weight of a jumbo jet. An objective that poses a timely benefit to the national community following a recent study that shows that 24.9% of Australian kids are overweight or obese with 73.8% of 9 - 13 year olds exceeding recommended sugar intake.

November 26th is marked as the new national No Nasties Sugar FREE-ZIES Day with over 2500 schools participating and hosting an Icy Stix Day. The No Nasties Project in their efforts to raise $1 million will be joined by Melbourne AFL star, Nathan Jones who notes the importance of “a campaign that will make a difference to so many kids and encourages a positive attitude towards sport and which promotes healthier options for

Prioritising the health, social, educational and recreational needs of Australian children is top agenda at The No Nasties Project and this campaign is set to help achieve this. Registration is open to all schools and clubs around Australia here.