Legendary Demons Star, Nathan Jones joins The No Nasties Project

Legendary Demons Star, Nathan Jones joins The No Nasties Project

Legendary Demons Star, Nathan Jones joins The No Nasties Project in raising $1million for youth sporting clubs and schools, the largest icy pole led donation inAustralia’s history.

In a year that saw local football ovals, netball courts and school playgrounds empty and still, one local brand is making an effort with former AFL star, Nathan Jones, to treat Aussie kids to some healthier fun this summer. Iconic Australian brand The No Nasties Project today announced the launch of its inaugural, national “Sugar FREE-zies Icy Stix day” on November 26th . The Melbourne born brand, famous for its sugar free and nothing artificial Icy Stix Sugar FREE-zies will be donating 1 million Sugar FREE-zies to Australian schools and youth sports clubs to help raise $1 million.

The campaign, which will see 1 million dollars injected into local sporting clubs has come at the opportune time as nearly 9000 Australian sporting clubs are facing financial difficulty according to a recent study by the Australian Sports Foundation.

“At the No Nasties Project we believe being healthy should be fun, we want to enable youth sports clubs to continue the fantastic work they do in their communities.” Says founder and CEO David Andrew. “It’s important we get our children back into sport and to educate them on better-for-you food choices and we are asking the nation to stand with us and help provide a healthier option to Aussie kids”.

The brand, which is dedicated to removing over 500 tons of sugar from Australian diets per year by providing sugar free and sugar reduced alternatives for Aussie families, will use this campaign to exceed their targets. An objective that poses a timely benefit to the national community following a recent study that shows that 24.9% of Australian kids are overweight or obese with 73.8% of 9 - 13 year olds exceeding recommended sugar intake.

Jumping on board to support the endeavour is former AFL star Nathan Jones.

“I was always an active kid growing up” says the former Melbourne Demon’s player “and my kids both play team sports themselves. I’m proud to be working with the guys at The No Nasties Project on a campaign that will make a difference to so many kids and encourages a positive attitude towards sport and which promotes healthier options for families".

The benefits of sport go well beyond health and wellbeing with research from the World Health Organization showing that team sports fosters a sense of togetherness, builds self-esteem and develops social skills in young people whilst also teaching kids the skills of sportsmanship, teamwork and discipline.

The brand, noted for its sugar free and lower sugar product range available across Woolworths and Coles, has placed a nationwide call out to schools and clubs to accept their share of donations of over 1 million FREE Sugar FREE-zies Icy Stix as part of the nation’s largest icy-pole led donation program to raise funds for a cause of their choice.

“I encourage every club in Australia to get involved” says Nathan Jones. “Registration is open to all schools and clubs around the country. Get the kids back to sport and get involved”.

The No Nasties Project’s Icy Stix Day fundraiser is open to all schools and youth sports clubs around Australia with registrations open on the No Nasties Project website.