Small Choices Make a Big Impact

Small Choices Make a Big Impact

Aussie brand The No Nasties Project, tackles palm oil and sugar consumption in its latest product offering, Choc Hazelnut Spread, revolutionising family kitchens around the country.

Australian brand, the No Nasties Project has launched its latest innovative product, Choc Hazelnut Spread but with a key point of difference to distinguish the local brand from competitors on supermarket shelves just in time for Back To School. The No Nasties Project new Choc Hazelnut Spread has 50% less sugar than competitors and is also proudly Palm Oil FREE. The spread, now available nationally at Coles and Woolworths, is set to re-define how Australians consume Choc spreads in family homes across the country.

“Not only is this week an important week as our kids head back to school, but the 1st of February is also Palm Oil Free Day. We are dedicated to providing healthier options for Australian kids and the environment” says founder and CEO David Andrew.

Palm oil is an exceptionally common ingredient in many Aussie supermarket products and in many kids lunchboxes!. According to a recent article, the deforestation caused by Palm Oil plantations in tropical climates accounts for 10% of total manmade global CO2 greenhouse gas emissions. Zoos Victoria goes further and estimates 1,000 orangutans die each year as a result of their habitat being destroyed through unsustainable palm oil production.

“The No Nasties Project is Palm Oil Free as we believe that it is the only way to ensure that we don’t damage the future of our rainforests globally”.

“We believe that small choices make a big impact such as choosing palm oil free products in the supermarket. It's our duty as global citizens to address the issues that we have created for the world” David Andrew.  “We see the damage the industry has done on the environment and have provided an eco-friendlier alternative without compromising the unmistakable taste of a high quality Choc hazelnut spread”.

Only the The No Nasties Project Choc hazelnut spread has 50% less sugar than the market leading variant, zero palm oil, no Maltitol and nothing artificial. The brand is serious about reducing sugar in Aussie diets, aiming to remove over 500 tons of sugar per year through Project 500 and is dedicated to contributing to a better future for all Australians.

The No Nasties Project’s 50% less sugar , palm oil free, Choc Hazelnut Spread is available across Woolworths and Coles nationally.